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September 16, 2016

9/16/2016 03:54:00 PM

Oracle Order management --ATO ,PTO,HYBRID models

In Oracle there are 3 different type of Models which can be created

1. ATO Models - (Assemble to Order)
2. PTO Models - (Pick to Order)
3. Hybrid Models - These are the PTO Models which have ATO models as Child
Before you start creating any of the above Models following criteria must be understood
. If the finished product is shipped as an Assembled unit then we can use ATO Model
2. If the finishd product is shipped as disassembled unit (as loose parts) then we can use PTO Model
3. If the finshed product is shipped as disassembled unit (as loose parts) and has Assemly items which needs to be configured then we can use Hybrid Models (PTO Model having ATO Model as Child)

Few things which needs to be considered while Model designing
ATO Models can have ATO Option Class as well as ATO Models as Child.
PTO Models can have PTO Option Class as well as PTO Models and ATO Models as Child.
ATO Option Class can have ATO Option Class as well as ATO Models as Child.
PTO Option Class can have PTO Option Class as well as PTO Models and ATO models as Child.

ATO Models:
Configuration items can be created.
Standard Bill of Material can be created for Configuration items.
This BOM is consisting of the selected items in Oracle Configurator from the ATO Model.
This BOM is a single level BOM showing ATO Option Class and the item(s) selected in the ATO Option Class.
Job Order (Work Order) can be generated for the Configuration items.
Only the Top Configuration item will be eligible for Shipping.

PTO Models:
No Configuraion item can be created.
All the selected items in PTO Option Classes or in the PTO Model are shipping eligible.
If an ATO model is a child for the PTO Model then in that case only the Configuration item created for that ATO Model will be shipping eligible.

Models can be deisgned in various ways depending upon the Business Product Structure/Manufacturing Flow for the Product etc.

although there is no manufacturing. There are two flavors of PTO as well—PTO models that can be configured by the customers and PTO kits that are ordered as they are. Because there is no manufacturing involved, PTO models or PTO kits can be shipped as soon as they are ordered, depending on the availability of the required items. When the pick list is generated for these items, the individual items that were selected (in the case of a PTO model) or that were part of the standard PTO kit will be printed in the pick list, which can then be picked and shipped

PTO Model with 3 option classes 
3 items - Hardware kit with chassis and blade (all inventoried and shippable) 
2 items - Software CD and TRAN-CODE (all inventoried and shippable) 
1 item - Service - non shippable 

We use configurator and book the order. 

PTO Model and Option class and service item is "Booked" 

Shippable parts (6) are in Awaiting Shipping 

Workflow background runs 

All "Booked" ---> Awaiting Fulfillment 

Shippable parts (6) are in Awaiting Shipping 

Pick/Release is done: 

Shippable parts become "Picked" 

Remaining stays "Awaiting Fulfillment" 

SHIPPING is done: 

Shippable parts become "SHIPPED" 
Remaining "Awaiting Fulfillment" 


All lines except TRAN-CODE (one of the shippable item under option class2) go 
to "Awaiting Fulfillment" 
TRAN-CODE remains shipped. 

No change even when Workflow background is run with YYY 
Why doesnt all lines go to "CLOSED" after workflow background is run???

Solution:All other lines are waiting for tran-code to progress to awaiting fulfillment. 
I think the Trip Stop interface (OE) for tran-code has failed. Try checking the status in wsh_delivery_details. 

The lines will close after all lines have progressed to 'Awaiting Fulfillment'. This is standard functionality for ATO models. 
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