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September 23, 2016

9/23/2016 08:21:00 PM

Oracle Purchasing R12.2.6 New features
Oracle Payables R12.2.6 new features

1 Acknowledgment Lead Time on Purchase Orders
Oracle Purchasing enables buyers to specify whether suppliers will need to acknowledge orders, and specify a date by which these acknowledgments are to be received. A new field, Acknowledgment Lead Time has been added in the Supplier > Purchasing window.

Technical  Name
New Field
Acknowledgment Lead Time (days)
Technical Name

A new field, Acknowledgment Lead Time (Days), is added on the Supplier > Purchasing window in the Purchasing Tab. The lead time is the number of days from the final approval date. Add that to the final approval date to calculate the Acknowledgment Lead Time. For example, if the approval date is 10-May-2016 (current date), the Lead Time is 5 days, thus the Acknowledgment Lead Time is 15-May-2016.
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