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September 22, 2016

9/22/2016 03:24:00 PM
Query find window in Oracle apps
Oracle Apps Forms Query Find window

1.create a table in particular module.

2.grant the table to apps.
3.create synonym for the table. template.fmb and appstand.fmb from    au_top/resources to local machine using    ftp.
5.rename template.fmb and open it in   formbuilder. appstand.fmb in the same form.

7.copy query-find from appstand object group to template object group.

8.delete blockname in canvas,windows,datablock level.
9.create new canvas,window,datablock using create button.
10.   (i)select query_find new button trigger        -->change block name
    (ii)select find button trigger -->change block name
    (iii)go to main datablock select item to query paste it in           query_find block items 
     (iv)select copied item properties change canvas name. main_block triggers create pre_query_trigger

     inside the trigger type 
     if :parameter.g_query_find = 'true' then
     :parameter.g_query_find := 'false';
     end if; 

12.create one more trigger at same blocklevel

     triggername is user_named

     inside the trigger type app_find.query_find('main_window','query_find_window',
     'query_find_block'); lov block create lov.

14.attach lov to query_find item in query_find_datablock. module level trigers customize     pre-form,when-new-form-instance trigger  and app_cust     package_body

16.execute usernamed trigger in when-new-form-instance      trigger by using execute_trigger('TRIGGER_NAME'); the form and tranfer fmb to custom_top.

18.generate formexecutable(fmx) using the unix command 

     f60gen module = formname.fmb username/password.

19.transfer fmx to particular module_top/forms folder.

20.log on to oracle apps select applicationdeveloper resp.

21.create form.

22.create function,attach form to function.

23.create menu ,attach function to menu.

24.define responsibility,attach menu to resp.

25.attach resp to user.

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