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September 18, 2016

9/18/2016 11:27:00 PM

1)What ae the Customizations you have done in  Workflow?
2)what are the API's you have come across ?
3)HOw to test Workflow?
4)What is Process?
5)What are the Activities we have?
6)what is Function activity?
7)what are the Access levels we have?
8)what is Lookup type?
9)How to launch WF from backend?
10)How to Customize workflow?
11)Can we call One process from another Process?
12)What are the  Parameters we need to  pass while creating Function in WF?
13)What is Itemkey?
14)What is Deffered Process and Timeout?
15)What are the Function modes we have?
16)what is the meaning of COST field ?
17)What is the difference between Function and Notification Function?
18)What is Item Attribute?
19)How to send E-mail from WF Process?  -Oracle Workflow 11i E-mail Notification Setup
20)what is Synchronus Wf and Asynchronus Wf?
21)Can we change the Internal name of Workflow?

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