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September 18, 2016

9/18/2016 03:49:00 PM

Oracle APPS interview questions

1)Tell me about Yourself?
2)what are the modules you are working?
3)What are the areas you are comfortable?
4)What is the flow for procure to  Pay?
5)What are the  Requisition type ?
6)what are the tables will gets stored when you create requisition?
7)What are the type of RFQ?
8)what are the tables will gets stored when you create RFQ?
9)What are the Quotaion types?
10)what are the tables will gets stored when you create Quotation?
11)How many types of PO's we have?
12)What are the tables we have?
13)How will you find out the PO number if i give  Requisition no?
14)How will you find out the Receipt number if i give  PO no?
15)How will you find out the Invocie number if i give  pO no?
16)What are the invocie tables?
17)what is the diff between NUMBER and INTEGER datatype?
18)what are the cursor's we have?
19)How to defie Implicit cursor?
20)I have declared a Cursor
              I opened the cursor,
              i am fetching the records,
              i am inserting records into another temp table,
              i have not used loop.
              i am closing the cursor?
whether it will gives error or it will work?
if it works how many records will inserts into the temp table?
21)What is the diff between NUMBER(15) and NUMBER(15,2)?
22)what is view?
23)What is the Advantage of views?

***************************  AP  *********************

1)What is the Flow of AP module or Proceure to Pay ?
2)How to transfer transactions from AP to GL?
3)What are the Base tables we have in AP?
4)What is Distriutions set?
6)What is Payment terms?
7)What are the types Invoicess?
8)What is Credit memo and Debit Memo?
9)What are the types of Payments we have?
10)What is diff between Supplier and Vendor?
11)Where the Accounting entries will be stored?  ap_ae_headers_all,ap_ae_lines_all

12)What are the Interfces we have in AP module?
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