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September 28, 2016

9/28/2016 03:10:00 PM
Oracle Purchasing No approver found

Errors in the build default approval list workflow activity:
Activity: Build Default Approval List
Error_Message:3103: Attribute 'DOCUMENT_NUMBER' does not exist for item 'REQAPPRV/23443-34566'
Error_Stack :Wf_Engine.GetItemAttrText(REQAPPRV, 23443-34566, DOCUMENT_NUMBER)
Wf_Engine.GetItemAttrText(REQAPPRV, 23443-34566, DOCUMENT_NUMBER)
PO_APPROVAL_LIST_WF1S.Build_Default_Approval_list(REQAPPRV, 23443-34566, Build_Default_Approval_list: 022-E_APPROVAL_LIST_BUILD_FAIL)

Activity: Build Default Approval List
Error_Name: -6512 ORA-06512: at line

b. For later versions of the workflow, a notification is sent to the preparer saying  that an approver was not found. In most of the cases, the default approval list cannot be built because there is not a supervisor with sufficient authority to approve the document. The documents are routed back to the originator(preparer) in status of Incomplete or Requires Re-approval so they can be resubmitted once the setup is fixed.

AssitSenior Manager10000
Senior AsstGroup Manager20000
Group Manager100000

a. Assitr (preparer with this job associated) creates a purchase requisition that has a total value of Rs 1000 and submits the document for approval.
b. Junior Buyer does not have enough limits to approve the requisition, then the application will add his supervisor (Senior Manager) to the approval list.
c. Senior manager does not have limits to approve the document, then the application will add his supervisor (Group manager) to the approval list. The document will be forwarded to both users for approvals assuming that forwarding method is hierarchy.
Note that if the document value is higher than 1,00,000.00 the workflow will fail building the approval list because there is no user in the hierarchy with enough limits.

we have to follow following setup 

1)User setup
3)a. Go to the document types form

Navigation: PO Responsibility: Setup > Purchasing > Document types

b. Query the specific document type i.e. Purchase Order

c. Associate a default hierarchy if not associated.

d. Associate a workflow as follows:

For requisition:
Approval workflow: PO Requisition Approval
Workflow Startup Process: Main Requisition Approval

For purchase orders:
Approval workflow: PO Approval
Workflow Startup Process: PO Approval Top Process
e. Additionally for Requisitions the field 'Approval Transaction Type' should be null (blank) unless the Approval Management Engine (AME) is being used for approvals, rather than standard workflow.

2. For Position hierarchies, run the Fill Employee Hierarchy program every time you do any change in the position hierarchy such as adding or removing approvers, creating or removing positions.
a. Go to the Submit report screen:
Navigation: PO Responsibility: Reports > Run

b. Run the Fill employee hierarchy program. Make sure it completes successfully without error.
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