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October 7, 2016

10/07/2016 02:25:00 PM
Oracle Payable expense reports:No exchange rate

Oracle Payable :


Expense Report Export  are rejected by 

  • 'No Exchange Rate' And Another
  • Rejecting With Payment Method Invalid

'No Exchange Rate', exchange rate will be missing in AP 
Expense Report window. 

We  have to enter exchange rate and then run 'Expense Report Import'. 


Some times we have to  delete the expense report and resubmit the expenses on a new expense report. The update script as follows;

Mo_Global.set_policy_context('S', <your Operating Unit>);
AP_WEB_EXPENSE_WF.WithdrawExpenseRep(<your expense report>);

Rejecting With Payment Method Invalid:

Root Cause:

There is only one Payment Method defined as “Check” with a condition  of “Payment Processing Transaction Type” limiting only to “Payables Document”. Due to this setup, the application does not find any payment method to default for Employee Expense and hence the rejection (Payment Method Invalid).

Solution:  Add “Employee Expense” to the “Payment Processing Transaction Type”.

Difference between Payables Invoice Import & Expense Report Export:

Expense report export is used is interface the expense reports that is submitted in iExpense
 into oracle
Payables open interface import is used to import all the invoices from other modules like purchasing or third party
Expense report export and payable import both are useful to interface the data into payable however expense report export is useful only for expense claims

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