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October 6, 2016

10/06/2016 03:53:00 PM
Oracle Payable implementaton Issues


 AP Invoice Import API:

The PO is being closed though  quantity is not fully received  and not billed for remaining quantity. The status updates to 'Close status rolled up'. 
How do resolve this issue?

 it has met both tolerance levels for Receiving and invoicing and is setting the PO status to Closed. We need to revisit this according to client requirement

PAN Number Issue(India Localization)
If  forget to  mention PAN No. in supplier site level in additional information. if user want to enter the PAN No. How to  do this? Please help me. 

To Update PAN at site level, navigate to Supplier > Additional information in India payable

Query the supplier if already saved, or else enter supplier save the null site information first, 
then click on TDS details button update PAN, check confirm Pan and save the work. 
Then go back and now repeat the process with selecting respective site. 

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