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October 13, 2016

10/13/2016 02:31:00 AM
Oracle Order Managements Serial Numbers

Mark IDs / Locked Serials:
What is a mark id?
The serial number table (MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS) holds a list of existing serial numbers in the Oracle Applications.
When a serial number is being used by a transaction, mark ids are often populated until the transactions are complete. The mark ids act as a lock on the serial number and are meant to only be temporary until the transaction processes.
The mark id columns are
When the mark ids are populated, other transactions cannot use the serials.
The Transact Move Order form is an example form that locks serials when they are allocated using the mark ids.
In the example of a move order allocation and assuming no lot control, the serial (MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS) mark ids (GROUP_MARK_ID, LINE_MARK_ID, LOT_LINE_MARK_ID) match the pending transaction (MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP) transaction temp id (TRANSACTION_TEMP_ID).
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