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November 20, 2016

11/20/2016 04:54:00 AM
Oracle Forms Personalization
Oracle Applications:Forms personalization Part 4

11] The argument (sql) length for creating a record group must be within 2000 Characters.  A viable workaround is to create a view that contains the required SQL then use that view as the data source for the SQL creating the record group.

[12] Populating LOV dynamically from a Record Group must be against the WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE of that LOV item.

[13] The use of the action RAISE FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE may not work properly in some triggers.

[14] Use of Builtin Action "Raise Form_Trigger_Failure" and pressing the button "Apply Now" will show the message "One or more required fields are missing values".

[15] It is not possible to use server-side functions that have OUT parameters as the condition to execute the actions.

[16] Expected user is an Admin/Developer
  • Knowledge of Oracle Developer is extremely desirable
  • Knowledge of PL/SQL, Coding Standards and/or APIs required in some cases.
[17] Normal rules for customizations apply
  • Extensive testing in a Test environment is required.
  • A patch does not touch user code, but user still must re-test after applying a patch.

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