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November 21, 2016

11/21/2016 12:08:00 PM
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Oracle Applications : Order Management: KIT Item Creation

What is a Kit Item?

  •  A Kit is a virtual (not stockable) Item used to sell and to price together a group of items. 
  •  A Kit Item is not managed in stock, 
  •  A Kit Item has to be priced, 
  •  The Sales Order is passed on the Kit Item, and the invoice is done for the Kit Item, the components are picked and shipped. Only the components are managed in stock. 

Steps to follow:

1. Create a Kit Item and assign it to inventory organizations,
2. Add the Kit Item to a Price List,
3. Create the bill of materials for the Kit Item,
4. Enter a Sales Order and test.

1 Create a Kit Item: Inventory > Items > Mater Items
There is a seeded template for Kit Item,

Key attributes for Kit Items are:

  •  Stockable (Inventory Tab) = No 
  •  Customer Orders Enabled (Order Management Tab) = Yes
  •  Pick Components (Order Management Tab) = Yes 
  •  Shippable (Order Management Tab) = No

2 Add the Kit Item to a Price List: Add the Kit Item to a Price List, it is a manatory step: Order Management >Price Lists > Price List Set up

3 Create the bill of materials for the Kit Item. The Bill of Materials has to be created in the Item Validation Organization to be shared between all the inventory organizations.

Order Management > Setup > System Parameters > Values
Go to the Item Validation Organization

Bill of Materials > Bills > Bills

4)4 Enter a Sales Order and test

Order Management > Orders, Returns > Sales Order Sales Order after Entry
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