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November 3, 2016

11/03/2016 03:38:00 PM
Oracle OM hold release

Returns: You can apply holds to returns similarly to holds for orders. By placing the Check Holds activity in workflow corresponding to return processes, this stops the return processing if there are any holds on that specific return. Activity-specific holds can also be defined for activities used in returns workflow.

Order Import: Order Management automatically applies all holds to imported orders and order lines that meet hold criteria.

Drop Ships: Purchase Release program does not process orders/lines with unreleased holds that specify no workflow activity or a workflow activity of Purchase Release. You must remove any such holds on orders or order lines that you want to interface to Oracle Purchasing.

Holds can be released on closed orders/lines: For example, if the pick release activity hold was applied by mistake on order line with ‘Bill only’ workflow or Invoice activity hold applied on line with ‘Ship Only’ workflow. 

1. Order Organizer > Holds Information tab. 
2. Enter the Hold Name applied on these closed orders/lines. 
3. Enter the Hold Criteria (first one) as "Order". 
4. Click on Hold Sources Button. 
5. Select the closed order/line which are on hold from the "Release Hold Sources" window, enter the reason for releasing and press the "Release button". You can also ‘multi-select’ the hold sources and release holds on multiple orders at once. 

Remember: There are 2 ‘Credit Check Hold Reports’ – one for LINES and one for ORDERS.  Customers will often report that the Credit Check Hold Report is incorrect, but actually, they ran the wrong report.
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