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November 12, 2016

11/12/2016 02:16:00 PM
Oracle payable capturing  check numbder
Oracle EBS; Payables :capturing check number

If  the  payment mode is manual ,paying to  supplier and recording check number in "Voucher Number" field manually on Payment workbench.But when this transaction goes to Cash Management for reconciliation unable  to see that Manually entered check number.How can keep the track of this. 


The Voucher Number Field is "Document Sequence Number Field" and not the 
Check Number. Search for the Value in Document Number Field of the Payment 
Screen, in cash Management, you will find it if it is 
1. Not Reconciled or Not Cleared Manually in Cash Management 
2. Not Voided in AP 


Setup. Check can be issued Manually or System Processed but it goes in the 

Suppose  having Check book Start Number 100101 and Last Available No is 
100200, by using this Document Type the Number selected by the system will 
be in sequence 100101, 100102.... and so on irrespective of the way can
record the Payments (Manually or System Generated).
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