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November 8, 2016

11/08/2016 10:13:00 AM

Standard,Average costing methods in Oracle apps
Oracle EBS: Costing Methods-Average,Standard


 Updated the cost/list price for item in
  Inventory> Item > changed list price
, however, the new cost is not showing up . The report is still pulling old list price in the   
  Value Report - by Sub inventory, 



If cost method is Standard

Selling Price > is one price   defined in OM Price List that  will be choose during the creation of sale order
Value Report (by organization or Sub inventory). 

This is not selling price. to get the inventory value you need to define 
the "Cost" of the item in the Costing Form. 

if any  transaction with this item, so you need to define first 
the item cost > Material element > in "Pending" cost type and then to 
"Update" the Std, cost, using the concurrent (in costing request list). 
after that  need to  run the Inventory Value report. (of course you need to 
have stock -:). 

If the cost method is Average 

there is an option to "Update" the cost. 
Go to Item 

Cost > Average Cost Update > Update Cost > search for the Item > 
and enter New Average Cost.
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