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November 24, 2016

11/24/2016 02:18:00 AM

Oracle Payables Invoices
Oracle EBS: Payables :Validate Related Invoices

What is the use of Validate Related Invoice in Payables ?

Yes you can, this is the purpose of validate related invoice. Suppose the following example in order to better understand the functionality:

• You have created a standard invoice which is not validated.
• Then you created a credit memo and selected the "Quick Credit" check box and entered the invoice number you have created in the previous step into "Credited Invoice" field
• Then you saved and pressed
Actions > Validate Related Invoices
• Now you will notice that the system will validate the credit memo and also the standard invoice you have mentioned in the "Credited Invoice" field
• If everything went OK, both the CM and the standard invoice's status will become "validated"

The Validate Related Invoices button validates related invoices depending on which type of invoice is selected:
• If you select an invoice, then Validation includes all price corrections and credit/debit memos associated with that invoice.
• If you select a price correction, Validation includes the base matched invoice.
• If you select a credit/debit memo, then Validation includes all invoices associated
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