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December 6, 2016

12/06/2016 05:36:00 PM
Oracle Order management Onhand and reservable Quantity

Oracle Order Management :Onhand Qty and Reservable Qty

How are the results calculated for the On-Hand and Reservable in Availability Window?

ALL sub inventories are used to display the On Hand Qty seen in the Availability window. OM calls an Inventory private API to display this information. This is the design so that the user has complete picture of all available inventories and may make decisions based on this knowledge.
The Qty Reservable is also called by OM using a standard Inventory private API for Hard Reserved quantities.
In this example, the quantities were reserved using / Tools / Scheduling / Reserve
This means that both these fields are displaying data that may not be consistent with ATP data in the MSC tables, The example below shows how the data in the Availability Window could be different from data in the ATP Supply/Demand window.
ATP Supply/Demand window, it will show the line(s) with Order Type = On Hand quantity based on the following:
1. ATP based on Collected Data - ATP-able subinventories as defined in Inventory / Setup / Organizations / Subinventories
2. ATP/CTP based on Planning Data - All inventories included in the ASCP Plan Options / Organizations Tab - Subinventories button. This means that if there is a Nettable subinventory that is NOT ATP-able, any supply from that subinventory that is included in the plan could will as available in the ATP Supply/Demand window results unless you explicitly remove that sub inventory from the plan options of your ATP plan.

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