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December 5, 2016

12/05/2016 02:02:00 PM
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Oracle Applications : Order Management :Ship Date Issues

How can I ship it today, when I cannot schedule the order?

There are two options: ATP Override and Un scheduling Other Orders make inventory available for this order.
ATP Override
Continuing with the example used above, we will show how to use ATP Override, which is the fastest way to get the order shipped.
Set the profile OM: Authorize ATP Override at the Site or User Level to allow the functionality

In the Shipping tab, the user can use / Folder / Show Field (or rt-click mouse as shown below) and reveal the ATP Override field
Then the field will be available in the Shipping Tab of the order line.And any schedule date may be entered by the user

Unscheduled Other Orders
Order lines in the future, which are taking up supply, can be Unscheduled, using /Tools/Scheduling - then choose Unschedule
Then the order line for today can be scheduled. Then the unscheduled lines can be scheduled again.

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