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December 20, 2016

12/20/2016 02:06:00 AM

Oracle EBS: Payables: Invoice interfaces

In previous versions of Oracle apps (11I) when user entered an invoice was created the invoice header (table: ap_invoices_all) and then the invoice distribution lines (table: ap_invoice_distributions_all). This means that each invoice distribution line corresponds to at least one invoice lines although the same invoice line could be splited in several invoice distribution lines.
Invoice lines were not important in release 11i.

However, in OA release 12, invoice lines are created apart of the invoice distribution lines.
When an user creates an invoice will be created the invoice header
(table: ap_invoices_all), the invoice lines (table: ap_invoice_lines_all) and the invoice distribution lines for each of these lines (table: ap_invoice_distributions_all).
If the user creates an invoice line several invoice distributions can be created (manually or automatically) for this line. At the same time, when the Tax is created for the invoice (Tax engine in OA release is EBTax, as you already know) a Tax invoice line type is created and the distribution is automatically created for it.
In summary, the purpose of ap_invoice_lines_all table in OA release 12 is getting much more details for the invoice at invoice lines level such as PO number, Tax details...., which at the same time could be different for each invoice line. This was not possible in release 11i. Moreover, invoice distributions can be automatically created when the invoice line is created.
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