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January 24, 2017

1/24/2017 12:49:00 AM

Oracle Order Management Arrival sets

Oracle Order Management Arrival sets 

The business scenario

A customer ordering 2 different products on a sales orders but wants to receive them together at the same time. Each product is to be shipped separately as soon as they are available on hand. However, they shouldn't be delivered to customer individually. How does the shipping team/transportation module ensure the products are delivered together at the customer premises together on the same date?

Customer may group lines into arrival sets which may be shipped from different warehouses on different days but should arrive at the customer site on the same day, or group lines into ship sets which ship on the same day from the same location.
 ATP/Scheduling uses Transportation calendars like Shipping Calendar, In-transit (Carrier) Calendar,
and Receiving Calendar to calculate the ship/arrival dates.
Shipping will adhere to those dates unless manually modified. Thus, the lines in the arrival set may be shipped from different warehouses, but arrival date will be ensured to be the same on all lines of the set.
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