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March 28, 2017

3/28/2017 03:06:00 PM
Oracle Order Management
Oracle Applications :Order management:Shipping
Unable ship material between operating unitsunable to ship material from one OU to another through ISO. 

Followed steps to ship material 

a.Raise internal requisition in OU1 (Organization A , Currency-GBP) 
b.Run 'create internal orders in OU1 
c.Run order import program in OU2 (Organization B , Currency-USD) 
d.Pick release the order 
e.Ship the order 

At this point the Interface Trip stops completes with Warning. I see the bellow error message in the log file. 

[22-MAR-10 16:55:00] INV_TRX_MGR: ErrorMsg:Interclass conversion between GBP and USD is not defined 

Use Define Interclass Conversions form to define interclass conversions 

The currency code, rates , daily rates and UOMs are defined in the system. 

Solution: You have to define exchange rates under same currency type. 

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