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March 9, 2017

3/09/2017 05:06:00 PM
Oracle payable invoice workbench

Oracle Payables: Settlement of Invoices

There are lot of suppliers and invoices, these invoices have many payment status ( unpaid, Partially paid and paid )
And we want to settle these invoices to have a new go life so we are asking for
1 – Is there any way to pay all invoices in our system?
2 – Is there any template for uploading payments instead of paying invoices for each supplier

The Payment Process Request will create real payments to your invoices.  .But won't pick prepahments

Only options available are 

  • Applying Prepayments in the Invoice Workbench
  • Applying Prepayments in the Quick Invoices Window
  • Applying Prepayments to Invoice Records in the Payables Open Interface
  • Applying Prepayments to Expense Reports
For more notes on Payables click on the following link -->Click here-->For more .Oracle Payables material
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