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April 11, 2017

4/11/2017 02:45:00 PM
Oracle Payables Supplier Remittance Advice

Oracle Applications : Payables :Supplier Remittance Advice

Setting up the sending separate remittance advice emails to suppliers in R12

To Configure e-mail Remittances in R11, AP Remittance Advice (APPEWF) 
Workflow will be fired automatically based on business Event 

R12 this workflow obsoleted. Oracle has given Send Separate Remittance 
Advices. To work this before we need to disable the below Business Event. 

1. Login using the SYSADMIN user 
2. Responsibility: Workflow Administrator Web Applications 
3. Navigate: Administrator Workflow -> Business Events. 
4. Search Criteria = oracle.apps.ap.payment , Click Go. 
5. Click the "Subscriptions" icon for the Payment Event. 
6. Click the Edit icon for ap_payment_event_wf_pkg.rule_function 
7. Change the Status from "Enabled" to "Disabled" in Execution Condition 


First we need to set up xdodelivery.cfg based on e-mail,print and fax 
which ever we want. 

If the requirement is Email then find the correct SMTP host name and save 
the file in $XDO_TOP/resource/xdodelivery.cfg 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<config xmlns=""> 
<server name="mysmtp1" type="smtp_email" default="true"> 
<property name="ds-temp-dir">/tmp</property> 
<property name="ds-buffering">true</property> 
<property name="SMTP_CONTENT_TYPE:String">&quot ;application/pdf"</property> 

Step 2 
Set the Profile Option IBY: XML Publisher Delivery Manager Configuration 
Ex /u01/app/UATBAU/apps/apps_st/appl/xdo/12.0.0/resour ce/xdodelivery.cfg 

Step 3 

Configure Profile options 
IEX: SMTP From Should Specify the E-mail From Address 
IEX: SMTP Host Should Specify the E-Mail host. 

Step 4 

Login to the application. 
Responsibility = Application Developer 
Navigate : Application -> Messages 



Two Messages are returned. 
The Seeded message is... and the other IBY_FD_SRA_EMAIL_SUBJ 
The Seeded message is... 
Separate Remittance Advice: payment reference number - &PMT_REF_NUM 
Modify those messages to meet your requirement. 

Step 5 

Configure the Separate Remittance Advice Delivery Method at Supplier and 
Supplier Site. 

Step 6 
Specify the Separate Remittance Advice Format when configuring the Payment 
Process Profile. 

Payable Manager 

Set Up > Payment -> Payment Administrator 

Then its open a Payment Configure Web page 

Go to page end and there is column Payment Process Profile --> Click on 
task which right hand side 

Then select your profile and click on go. 

Next Click on the name of the process, And there you can see multiple 
Go to Reporting Tab. 
In the down click on Update button. 
Here you can see the Send Separate Remittance Advice block. 

Format - Specify The Remittance Advice Format you wish to use for this PPP 
Automatically Submit at Payment Completion Point - 

Check the Box for Automatic Submission 

Allow Multiple Copies for Payment Instruction - Check The Box 
if you want the user to be able to print more than once. 
This is the process to call that Send Separate Remittance Advice 

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