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April 26, 2017

4/26/2017 10:44:00 PM

Oracle HCM


1) hr_ex_employee_api.actual_termination_emp - This API terminates an employee.
Two records has created in per_all_people_f one with current_employee_flag as 'Y' and with 'Null'

Ans:US Super HRMS Manager (or comparable responsibility) > Enter and Maintain (Form)> Others(button) >End Employment.

This will show if you properly updated the termination dates including final process, last standard process and actual. It will also show you the leaving reason.

2) hr_ex_employee_api.final_process_emp - This API set the final process date for a terminated employee.         

If you want to look it up in the table, the table is per_periods_of_service. It's just an update to insert the data.

3) hr_ex_employee_api.update_term_details_emp - this API updates employee termination information.

Once you update the final process date, the assignment record (per_all_assignments_f) will insert at least 1 row (a terminated record) and modify 1 row (to update the effective end date of the existing record).
It will insert  a 'terminated' assignment record if your dates do not match. 
The way to check this in the app is: US Super HRMS Manager (or comparable responsibility) > Enter and Maintain (Form)>Assignments (button).

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