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May 10, 2017

5/10/2017 08:09:00 PM

Oracle Bill only Items
       Oracle APPS:  Order Management :Bill Only Items

When Creating sales orders , we have many instances where we need to create a BILL Only Sales Order . There are situations when the company is creating an Order for invoicing but there will not be any shipments for this order ,

In such scenarios when the order line is created it is in Entered Status
On booking the Order the line status changes to BOOKED .In this case awaiting shipping status is  not relevant. Mainly we can see this process in super markets
Once workflow background process runs the Order line will be Closed

when entering the sales order for a BILL Only line .

The SHIPPABLE ,flag on the Item needs to be unchecked ,

If this setup is not correct at all the levels the line will go into Awaiting Shipping status and you will not see the expected behavior.


For the 'Line Flow - Generic, Bill Only with Inventory Interface'.
Unable to reserve quantity due to LOT/Locator controlled items.

Go to tools - scheduling- reservation details from the sales order lines and select lot and locator.
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