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July 16, 2017

7/16/2017 05:15:00 PM

Oracle Applications : Purchase and Requisition Notifications 

Oracle Applications Purchase and Requisition Notification

As we know that Oracle Workflow mailer generates "Notification" for the Approvers and it goes in the form of email to them. This notification also contains the link to Approve Approve And Forward Forward Reject Request Information ... when the approver clicks on the link say "Approve", then an email is generated. But document remains in "In Process" state. 

How to  enable the approvers to take action right from their mailboxes. 

Once the e-mail notification is used to approve the document, the document 
should change from "In Process" to "Approved" status.A notification sent 
to originator stating that the document has been approved. 

If this remains stuck in "In Process" run the concurrent job called 
"Workflow Background Process" from Sys Admin picking the relevant document 
type (ie PO Requisition Approval, PO Create Document, PO Approval) 

Process Deferred = Yes 
Process Timeout = Yes 
Process Stuck = Yes 

Wait for the job to complete then check the status of the document again. 

If this still remains stuck, then you'll need to go into the workflow 
itself to understand at what point the document is getting stuck. Here you 
may need to refer this to Systems Administrator, understanding how the 
workflow is configured to resolve the issues

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