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July 11, 2017

7/11/2017 01:36:00 PM
Oracle Applications:  Warehouse Management :LABELS functionality

Oracle Applications:  WMS :LABELS functionality without WMS

Mobile Supply Chain Applications (no WMS installed) provides identical labeling solution with several exceptions. Instead of using the Rules Engine to select among the many different label formats of a given label type, a default label format is indicated and MSCA always selects this default format.

In addition, some of the label formats, and some of the fields on other label formats, are not available without Warehouse management system  However, the links between transactions, business flows, label types, and label formats, remains the same.
The primary difference between labeling support for MSCA and for 
  • WMS is that WMS provides the Rules Engine to select the appropriate label format among many
  • MSCA always selects the same default label format for a given label type.

There are lot of third party tools like  tethered guns (connected to a computer via a USB) or hand held guns. make sure that the label fonts are compatible with the Gun's OS and MSCA UI that will be installed on the Gun.
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