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July 6, 2017

7/06/2017 11:13:00 AM

Order Management :PTO Items - Config item not getting created

OM PTO items

Defined a PTO Model, Option Class , Standard Items as follows:

 1. PTO Model -ebiz110 
     PTO Option Class - ebiz111 - ebiz111B - ebiz111A 
 2.  Standard Item - ebiz101 2. 
Defined Bom ebiz110 & ebiz111 
3. Creating the quantity for all the items. 
  Next when  entered  the item the ebiz110 in the sales order and book the sales order
 Progressed the order - config item  is not created. 
 Instead a message appears that there is a deferred activity . 
  In the work flow this deferred activity was fulfillment awaiting. 
  After running the workflow background process this error went away. However the config item non-creation is still an issue

A config item will be created for an ATO model. 

PTO model does not get a config item. 

In ATO model end customer will have choice of options to choose from..where as in PTO there are already pre configured
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