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July 17, 2017

7/17/2017 01:24:00 PM
Oracle master detail forms

                     Oracle form: Master detail  form:issues

Master data are store in master table and get the foreign key in detail form. But why detail data are not store in the detail table?What may be the reason?

if we want to  insert the data into master data relation tables from SQL. then first 
insert the data in master table and then after details table Separately ( follows primary key data.) 

secondly, if you generate a form for data entry, you must create a relation in master table data block with the wizard of master detail creation, they  will write the necessary program for your master data relation automatically . after the creation of relation in form,  can see the copy value item property in foreign key column i.e. copy the data from master table without entering for foreign key data. 

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