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September 7, 2017

9/07/2017 10:32:00 AM
Oracle Applications :Order Management Fulfillment
Example1 -

Assume that you enter an order for an item which is shippable and a service contract for that item. You would not want to bill for the service contract until the item was shipped.
 Put the two lines into a fulfillment set by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Sets. When the order is booked, the shippable line must complete the scheduling and shipping activities. 
These activities are not applicable for the service contract, so they will complete immediately. The service contract will wait at the fulfill line activity until the shippable line arrives there, and then both lines will continue to invoicing at the same time.

 Example 2 - Assume that you are a telecommunications company and some of your order lines are for local cable service. 
The line is fulfilled when the technician goes to the subscribers home and makes the connection. You call this activity provisioning, and you have a custom system for managing this service. You could define a new workflow activity called provisioning and define it as the fulfillment method activity for the workflow process associated with cable installation lines. 
The line for installation might be in a fulfillment set with the line for the first monthly fee and the line for a shippable item, the cable box. 

When the technician reports that the connection is complete, the custom system could update the status of the provisioning workflow activity. When the line progresses to the fulfillment activity, the quantity fulfilled is updated with the quantity provisioned. The other lines in the fulfillment should already be waiting at the fulfillment activity. 
The completion of the fulfillment activity for the installation would complete the lines in the fulfillment set, and the installation, first monthly fee and cable box would all proceed to invoice interface.
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