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September 24, 2017

9/24/2017 12:10:00 PM
fndload in oracle applications

Oracle Applications: Pitfalls in Migration

All we worked different objects .Some times code will work in DEV instance and some times it won't work in PROD.

There are so many reasons for this.

1) As PROD and DEV instances are not in SYNC
2)While migrating mistakenly migrated wrong code by DBA
3)Sometimes  steps which we mentioned  in migration won't followed properly

Then  what  to do  ?

1)Ask your DBA the code which they migrated. Check for any differences in the code.
2)Ask screen shots after the migration for evidence.
3)Lastly we have to check anybody is working on the same object or related objects.
4) Ask  functional consultant any setups are changed recently in PROD. if that case ask him/her
to make same setups in DEV instance.

Some times small space also will create problems.

Please go trough two or three times  before sending to DBA.

It saves lots  of  time.

Happy Sunday

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