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October 2, 2017

10/02/2017 10:10:00 AM
Oracle Payable Unpaid Invoices

Query for unpaid invoices that have been accounted from the AP tables ?

v.vendor_name "Vendor", v.segment1 "Vendor Num", i.invoice_num "Invoice Nr",
SUM (alb.accounted_cr) - SUM (alb.accounted_dr) "Remaining_amount"
FROM ap_liability_balance alb, ap_suppliers v, ap_invoices_all i
WHERE trunc(accounting_date) <= '02-OCT-17'
AND alb.ORG_ID = 153
AND v.vendor_id = alb.vendor_id
AND alb.invoice_id = i.invoice_id
GROUP BY v.vendor_name, v.segment1, i.invoice_num
(accounted_cr) <> SUM (accounted_dr)

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