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October 3, 2017

10/03/2017 03:43:00 PM

Oracle General Ledger to Receivables drill down

Oracle Applications :Drill down from GL to AR Query

Below query is useful for drilling down from GL to AR invoices

SSELECT   gir.je_header_id,
           xte.source_id_int_1 Invoice_id,
           rhead.trx_number Invoice_num,
           rhead.trx_date Invoice_date,
           gl_je_lines gjl,
           GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES gir,
           XLA_AE_LINES xal,
           XLA_AE_HEADERS xah,
           ra_customer_Trx_all rhead
   WHERE       rhead.customer_Trx_id = xte.source_id_int_1
           AND gjl.je_header_id = gir.je_header_id
           AND gjl.je_line_num = gir.je_line_num
           AND gjh.je_header_id = gir.je_header_id
           AND gir.gl_sl_link_id = xal.gl_sl_link_id
           AND gir.gl_sl_link_table = xal.gl_sl_link_table
           AND xal.application_id = xah.application_id
           AND xal.ae_header_id = xah.ae_header_id
           AND xah.ledger_id IN (ledger_id)
           AND xah.application_id = 222
           AND xah.entity_id = xte.entity_id
           AND xte.application_id = 222
           AND xte.entity_code = 'TRANSACTIONS'
           AND xte.source_id_int_1 = (:customer_trx_id)
           AND xte.ledger_id IN (ledger_id)
ORDER BY   gir.je_line_num

Pass your Ledger id ,customer trx_id as parameters

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