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October 26, 2017

10/26/2017 03:38:00 PM

The 15% tax until dec'16 from Jan onwards it is 17.5% 

Old Tax code and rates has made ineffective 31/Dec/2016

New Tax code and rate has been effective from 01/Jan/20107

1) The Pending orders which are booked in before Jan 2017 still has 15% tax code so whenever we ship and invoice these orders it has being done for 15%

Therefore, we want these orders to reflect new tax code, can you please advice the way to do this as there are many orders pending for 2009 and manually it is very difficult. 

2) There are orders, which are invoiced to customer for 15%, actually it should be for 17.5%. 

One solution is to do Sales order return and re-do shipments and invoice to customer with new tax code. 

Please note, these invoices are transferred to GL. 

Is there anyway without doing Sales order return be fix these invoices by adjustment. 

We have to Use Mass Tax update Program 
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