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October 6, 2017

10/06/2017 11:25:00 AM

Oracle APPS move orders

Unable to Search for Move Orders Created by Other Users 

Root Cause
The security function INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR is not enabled 
The form INVTOMAI.fmb within the Package TOMAI_MENU and PROCEDURE CREATED_BY_CHECK checks for the function INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR. If it is this is not enabled for the user, the Created By field is not updatable.

The Sub function INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR may not be defined in sysadmin, and thus is not part of Menu INV_MOVE_ORDER


To implement the solution, execute the following steps to enable the INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR function:

A. Define the INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR function if is does not already exist:
  1. Navigate: System Administrator > Application > Function
  2. Enter Function Name: INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR
  3. Enter User Function Name: 'Move Orders Creator'
  4. Under the Properties tab, enter Type: Subfunction
  5. Enter Maintenance Mode support: None
  6. Enter Context Dependence: Responsibility
  7. Save
B. Assign the function to the Menu you are using:
  1. Navigate System Administrator > Application > Menu
  2. Query for menu 'INV_MOVE_ORDER'
  3. Add a new line to the menu:
    Prompt: 'Move Order Creator'
    Function: select 'Move Orders Creator' from the LOV
    Description: 'Move Orders Creator'
  4. Save
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