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October 31, 2017

10/31/2017 12:57:00 AM
oracle Payables debit memo

How  to reverse debit memo?

Either Cancel it (Action --> Cancel)
or create an invoice with the same account, amount, currency, dates for the same supplier site..

1) If the invoice has been paid and now we want to apply a debit memo to that paid invoice then it this possible?

2) When we apply a debit memo to an invoice having more than one line on prorate basis then how the system prorate the amount of debit memo to the lines of the invoice ?

We cannot apply a debit memo to an invoice however you can create a debit memo with matching to an invoice option. In this process the system creates the Distribution lines on the debit memo copied from the invoice. While
creating a *"Matched with Invoice"* Debit memo you will be asked to match with the invoice lines. Select the lines against which you want the copy the distribution from.

It does not consider the Payment status of the Invoice. It can be Paid, Partially Paid or Unpaid.

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