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October 2, 2017

10/02/2017 01:47:00 AM
Work oder  Creation
Creation of Work order for an ATO model in an another organization than that mentioned in ATO sales order line level.

1. Create two sourcing rules for ATO item in abc and pqr. In pqr(Inventory org) set the sourcing rule as 100% Make and in abc(Inventory Org) set the sourcing rule as 100% transfer from pqr to abc.

2. Assign this two sourcing rule in the default assignment set which is assigned to profile “MRP:Default Sourcing Assignment Set”.

3. Create a Sales order (SO1) for the ATO model with shipping warehouse as abc.

4. Select the configuration and book the order.

5. Progress the order, Auto Create final assembly program will run and this will insert the data into the Requisition interface table for the internal requisition(IR) .  IR will be created once you run Requisition Import program (For abc) with Ship to organization as abc. And in interface table PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL,
SOURCE_ORGANIZATION_ID will populate as pqr and

6. Since pqr will supply the item to abc hence a Sales order needs to be created with Shipping organization as pqr and this will be created in pqr against the IR of abc. Run the Create Internal order program from OU2 and pqr. This will insert the data into order management interface table for internal order.

7. Run Order import program. This will create the Internal Order with shipping warehouse in header and line form as pqr.

8. Book the internal order and progress it. This will create the WIP job in pqr. Complete the job and Ship the Sales order from pqr.

9. Since this is an internal order, IR/ISO flow, so we need to receive the shipment of pqr in abc against the IR created in abc. So onhand increases in abc for this item.

10. Ship the initial Sales order (SO1).

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