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October 12, 2017

10/12/2017 01:54:00 PM

Oracle Payables :Accounting Process Report

Oracle Payables :Accounting Process Report

While running Payables accounting process report for both the invoices and payments, it is getting error out with the "invalid acct" exception

Tip1 :

Posting is not allowed to this account 
-The account is inactive 
-The account has been disabled 
-One of the account segments has been disabled 
-A security rule has been defined preventing the use of this account for 
this responsibility. 

Invalid accounting:TIP 2: 

INVALID ACCT errors are caused by any of the below: 

1. One or more of the segment values is disabled or has been end dated. 
2. The code combination is not enabled, setup at all or has been end 
3. The code combination is violating a new cross validation rule. 
4. A new security rule has been defined and the code combination 
violates that rule. 
5. Automatic offset has been enabled or disabled recently. 
6. The supplier liability account was changed when transaction was made. 
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