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October 13, 2017

10/13/2017 01:59:00 PM
Oracle payable pay on receipt

What is pay on Receipt?

Invoices are created using a combination of receipt and purchase order information, that eliminates duplicate manual data entry and ensures accurate and timely data processing. Payment on Receipt is also known as Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) and Self Billing.


Pay on Receipt Auto Invoice request successfully generated the invoice. The invoice is available in the invoice workbench with Never validated status. Now want to change the Invoice Header as well as invoice distribution line amount. System is allowing to change the Header amount but not the invoice distribution line amount (grayed out). 


As the Invoices are matched with the PO/Receipts you can not Change the Amount. It has reference of PO/Receipt. 

Suppose the Receipt amount is say 500/- and user wants to make the Invoice of 505/-. User matches the Receipt to the Invoice, it will pick the amount and quantity from the receipt and not as per the user's wish. 
It updates the PO for the quantity billed (Quantity Matched with the Invoice). In this case if user is allowed to override the Distribution line amount (PO Rate* Quantity Matched) it will update only the PO Quantity and 
will have no impact on the PO Rate. This will cause discrepancy in PO Rate and the Amount you Invoiced. 

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