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November 11, 2017

11/11/2017 11:20:00 PM
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Is it possible to generate Internal Requisition from Sales order

Requirement :

We have a requirement in the IR-ISO process. 
The requirement is as follows: 
We have two inventory organizations (A & B) under a single operating unit. 
The org A receives order from customer. But the manufacturing facility is available in the Org B. 
So when the user books an order from org A, Internal requisition should be raised from Org A to Org B. 
Instead of using MRP to generate internal requisition, is there a possibility of generating it during the booking of Sales order. 
Example: When we select a specific transaction type in the sales order screen, the internal requisition for that item should be generated automatically.

We are looking for some control/ setup at the sales order level which triggers the internal requisition. 
Similar to the above example is there are any possibilities by which internal requisition can be generated. 
Note: Though both the orgs belong to a single Operating unit, the manufacturing in Org B should be processed like, booking sales order, manufacturing, shipping and closing it. 


By using Back to Back Order functionality 
Define the item in Org A as a buy item with source=INVENTORY org B. Make the item an ATO item. 
And then book a sales order.

Bu using  back-to-back order functionality in Oracle. 
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