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November 30, 2017

11/30/2017 02:58:00 PM
Oracle Order Management Split lIne

Order Management Split Line Functionality

Users can split scheduled lines.
Line splits performed from the Scheduling organizer will be processed as
system splits from a pricing perspective, as the split is due to scheduling
and not a user requested split. All other constraints that apply to the user
splits are still honored. 

On splitting sales order lines, ship set does not default on the split lines

During the split only the fulfillment set gets copied on to the split line from the original line. The Ship Set and Arrival Set does not get defaulted/copied to the split line

Modifier is Not Applying After Splitting Sales Order Line

Before manually splitting a sales order line, one would want to set the field
calculate price flag to partial price(if one wants to later add freight) or freeze price. 
This field is located on the order line under the pricing tab. This will prevent 
repricing during the manual split of the order line.

Unable to Change Shipping Tolerance on a Split Sales Order Line

The standard functionality doesn't allow the tolerance to be changed on a split line.

the tolerance quantity is calculated at the time of shipping, with the original quantity, not based upon the quantity on each line.

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