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November 14, 2017

11/14/2017 12:37:00 AM
Oracle apps :PO :VMI Setup
Oracle apps :PO :VMI setup

What is Vendor Managed Inventory

1) Updated profile option MSC Configuration
                              to APS + ATP at the Application level - Advanced Supply Chain Planning.
In the latest releases:

If customer has installed Advanced Planning & Scheduling they can set the profile as APS & CP (Advanced Planning & Scheduling and Collaborative Planning)

       If not, set the profile as CP (Collaborative Planning).

2. Create and approve Blanket PO with item for a supplier ABC.

3. Register supplier user using Supplier User Management responsibility.

4. Create global ASL(Approved supplier list) with approved supplier ABC with VMI attribute flag enabled.
Set ASL to global.

5. Run Create APS Partitions with parameters:
plan_partition_count : 0
inst_partition_count : 1
Note: This step is to run only the first time before running any Data Collections.

6. Run Refresh Collections Snapshot with option automatic.
If running Data Collections multiple times. No need for the first time.

7. Run Data Collections with User Company Association parameter set to "Enable User Company Association".

8. Run VMI replenishment engine.

iSupplier uses the view MSC_SUP_DEM_ENTRIES_VMI_V, which is populated by ASCP Data Collections processes.

If the view is not retrieving the data, check if the tables from the view are populated:
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