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November 1, 2017

11/01/2017 11:23:00 PM

When we need to implement BOM?

BOM is essentially useful when you have order management or work in process.
For example,
if you have models to offer to customer with options, you can define BOM for that item with those various options and customer can choose from one among them.

Similarly, when you manufacture assemblies, you can define primary and alternate ways of making an assembly with various components used in that assembly at various stages with required quantity and many other  parameters for each component that automatically decide what are required for an assembly every time you make that assembly in work in process.

If you have any of above requirements, you need  BOM , else it is NO.

Some major features are like you can have many alternate ways of making an assembly
for example using 5qty of component A and 10 qty of component B or 3 qty of component C and 15 qty of component D and so on so forth.

Each combination then becomes an alternate(choices available). At the component level, you can define the qty per assembly, used in costing or not etc. You can modify BOM to represent changes in the assembly composition by end dating one and adding another component
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