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November 19, 2017

11/19/2017 02:33:00 PM

Cancellation of Purchase orders and Requisitions
We can't cancel  Requisitions and PO in the following scenarios 
·         if a buyer places a requisition line on a purchase orde

     You cannot cancel the requisition line or the corresponding requisition header until you cancel or final close all purchase order lines associated with the requisition.

You cannot cancel a requisition if any of its lines are on an active internal sales order. However, if the related internal sales order is cancelled, you should cancel the originating requisition line.
  • ·         Requisitions that were imported from a drop shipped sales order cannot be cancelled. These requisitions are automatically cancelled when the drop shipped sales order is cancelled.
  • ·         Intransit Ship Confirmed Internal Order (or InterOrg Transfer) can not be cancelled. 

Purchase orders:
  • ·         You cannot cancel a purchase order if there are batch receiving transactions in the receiving interface waiting processing against the purchase order.
  • ·         If you partially received a shipment corresponding to multiple distributions, Purchasing cannot always cancel the shipment. 

To make sure Purchasing can cancel a shipment, enter the delivery transactions for the receipts you entered against that shipment. You can use express delivery to facilitate this process.
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