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December 10, 2017

12/10/2017 01:33:00 PM
Oracle OM  EBS Fusion Features Difference

Oracle EBS Fusion OM Feature Differences

1.Customer Pricing Profile

You can use a pricing profile to categorize customers who exhibit similar characteristics.Based on Customer we can define the price list and discount.

2.Pricing Segments and Pricing Strategy:

In EBS we do have only Price List but in fusion we have additionally Pricing segments and strategies.
3.Sourcing Rules,ATP Rules and Assignment Set: 

Used to ship item based on Region,Customer and to select ship to Org,

4. Define the level of risk that is associated with the delay of an orchestration process task as low, medium, or high.

5.Orchestration Processes : Represents your business process that fulfills a fulfillment line. It includes the sequence of calls to the task layer service and planning details, change management settings, and status conditions.
(we can use Predefined ShipOrderGenericProcess, ReturnOrderGenericProcess , OrderFulfillmentGenericProcess)
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