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December 7, 2017

12/07/2017 11:57:00 PM
Oracle Order Management Queries

Following sql query retrieve the Internal Requisition details which were
transferred to OM , but Internal Sales Orders were NOT created.

SELECT poh.org_id,
       poh.segment1 Requisition_Number,
  FROM po_requisition_headers_all poh 
  where poh.authorization_status = 'APPROVED'  
 AND poh.transferred_to_oe_flag = 'Y'  
 AND poh.type_lookup_code = 'INTERNAL' 
  and NOT EXISTS (
  FROM oe_order_headers_all h
 WHERE h.order_source_id = 10

       AND h.source_document_id = poh.requisition_header_id)  AND TRUNC(poh.creation_date) BETWEEN TO_DATE ('&from_date', 'DD-MM-RR')          AND TO_DATE ('&To_Date','DD-MM-RR');

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