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January 30, 2018

1/30/2018 08:30:00 PM

This diagnostic test verifies the basic setup for Purchasing.

This test should be used proactively during the setup of the Purchasing module to verify setup correctness.

It can also be used reactively to determine if the setup is still valid or if it is suspected that the setup is affecting the normal operation of the product.

Error and warning messages, followed by suggested actions, identify possible problem areas.

To execute the test, do the following:

Login to Oracle E-Business Suite

Select the responsibility "Oracle Diagnostics Tool"

Select application "Oracle Purchasing" from the "Application" list of values

Click the "Advanced" tab

Scroll down to group "Setup"

Select test name "Purchasing"

Input Parameters (* required)

·         Responsibility Id (LOV) *  

·         Output contains

·         Database Information

·         Application Information

·         Product Installation Status and Patch set Level

·         Parameters

·         Profile Options

·         Financial Options

·         Set of Books Validation

·         Purchasing Options

·         Receiving Options

·         PO, GL, AP, INV Periods

·         Key Flexfields

·         Document Types

·         Line Types

·         Other Purchasing Setups

·         Concurrent Managers

·         All Purchasing Invalid Objects

·         References
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