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January 26, 2018

1/26/2018 08:06:00 PM
Issue: Shipped Quantity Not Matching With AR Invoiced Quantity


The reason why fulfilled_quantity and invoiced_quantity is different is because of the ship tolerance. Since in both cases, the actual shipped quantity and the ordered quantity are within the acceptance tolerance level, hence the invoicing has been done for the ordered quantity

If you intend that the shipped quantity to be the same, then the ship tolerance below should be 0, so that the shipped quantity and the invoiced quantity will be same.

If the ship tolerance above > 0, then the system allows the quantity to be overshipped.

After over-shipment of the order line, the invoicing quantity for the line is controlled by the system parameter "Overshipment Invoice Basis" which is set to "Invoice Shipped Quantity" in this case. Hence the shipped quantity is equal to the invoiced quantity.

So in all the cases, there is nothing wrong happening.

All the values are getting populated as is because of the values entered by the user and how the environment is setup.
 If user wants to change the behavior, please change setup(Overshipment Invoice Basis-->Invoice Shipped Quantity)/values(ship tolerance ) as suggested above.
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