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February 28, 2018

2/28/2018 12:02:00 PM

Oracle APPS E-Record and E-Signature

Some times we need to integrate PO with digital signatures.For that  Oracle is provided  E-Records.
with this  we can integrate PO with E-Signatures for quality related checks.

For that Oracle provided E-Record and E-Signatures to capture digital signatures to approve the goods once quality check has been done

When any of the enable events occur, the system raises an event to fire the process required to create the e-record and/or e-signature. The event is handled using Workflow Business Events. The Procure to Pay cycle includes the following events:
E -Records and E-Signatures in Oracle apps

A WF process is used to generate the signature UI and control the flow of the UI and return status
back to application module. This is applicable for e-signature enabled events only.
ERecords Evidence store

Finally Digital signatures evident store is used for storing Electronics signatures.
Whenever any specific e Record needs to be pulled up (old Transactions etc), the data is queried from the Evidence Store

First, the E-records (EDR) product needs to be enabled.
 Set the profile option EDR: E-records and E-Signatures to Yes at site level.

Verify the events are enabled in Oracle electronic Records application. 
Using ERES Administrator responsibility, go to Administration Tasks and open Setup page. In the Setup page, search for Transaction name PO ERES Receiving Inspection (transaction id oracle.apps.po.rcv.inspect).
The Receive Inspection event supports e-records and e-signature, so the variables for these 2 options
are Y but you can modify them as needed.

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