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February 22, 2018

2/22/2018 02:24:00 PM
The 'Deliver To' address is a customer address with the usage type of 'Deliver To'.
The 'Deliver To' is useful as an internal address, for ex. the delivery contact on client side related to the goods when received by the client.

Here is a short example to understand the difference between "Deliver To" and "Ship To":

Note: The hidden field (by default) Deliver To is intended to display an internal address.
For example, suppose you want to send a package to James Smith at XYZ company.
The Company address is xyz,Suite#103,Navi Mumbai Maharastra and
Saurav location is Building 3,  Pincode 411234

Note: Your Ship To address would display as: xyz,Suite#103,Navi Mumbai Maharastra and(the location of the XYZ mail room).
Deliver To would display as the internal delivery address: Saurav location is Building 3,  Pincode 411234

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