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February 27, 2018

2/27/2018 01:07:00 PM
Why Sales order salesperson and Receivables invoice Sales order is different?

For example:

A Salesperson say Vikrant left the company and the new salesperson Yasin is now assigned.
Vikrant's record was changed in Recources form and updated to be Yasin.
New orders have Yasin as the salesperson,if the Autoinvoiced to Receivables, the record on the Receivables transaction shows Salsperson Vikrant.

Because of  there is  disconnect somewhere between OM and AR.

Reusing existing record for terminated salesperson Vikrant for a new salesperson Yasin is not a correct procedure.

Salespersons in Oracle order management

Assign the existing record back to Salesperson Vikrant in the Resources window and inactivate it first by unchecking the 'Active for Receivables.'

Check the box and also by specifying an end date for Vikrant and save your changes.
Next please enter a new salesperson Yasin and retest the issue.
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